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Q. I got a message that the Peterborough DNA is open for visitors from time to time. I wanted to ask and confirm if it is true.
A. Hello, thank you so much for sending us your message. Yes, Peterborough DNA is indeed open for visitors every once in a while. We do it every month. However, the day is not set and the plans can change from time to time depending on the situation inside the facility.

Q. How and when can I visit the Peterborough DNA?
A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us your message. Peterborough DNA can be visited once the website has been updated and has already posted an advisory with regards to the schedule at the online bulletin, You can immediately schedule your visit as soon as the dates are released by sending us a message through our email.

Q. Hi, I’ve always wanted to join the organization but I have no idea how. Is there any way I can know about it?
A. Hello, we appreciate you sending us a question to satisfy your curiosity. You can join the organization by sending us a message regarding your concern. We can send you the forms or the requirements you need to submit in order to make your membership official. For an easier way, especially if you have no more questions to ask, you can just click on the ‘membership’ button and it will lead you immediately to all the things you want to know, including the requirements and forms. For a better understanding though, we suggest you to visit Peterborough DNA personally and tell our staff that you want to apply for membership.

Q. Can I be updated when Peterborough DNA already posted the schedule for the tours inside the facility?
A. Hello, thank you for sending us a message. Peterborough DNA does not update people individually. However, if you want to get updated, you can simply sign up for our newsletter so that all our updates will go immediately to your email. In that way, you will not be left behind especially when it comes to the most important news.