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Peterborough DNA was created by a group of people who wanted an organization that will continuously come up with innovations that can better improve the lives of people. It was a lot of work at the start and it wasn’t easy for these people to just find a foundation to fund their plans. However, many people supported them and many wanted them to continue what they have planned. After two years of preparation, they were finally able to connect to the world and introduce Peterborough DNA. Many people were happy about the organization but others were not.

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As we all know, technology has pros and cons in the life of every individual, but what we want to do in Peterborough DNA is to create a better life through innovations and make the lives of people more convenient. We do not tolerate the bad effects of technology. Instead, we always make it a point to come up with a plan to mitigate these disadvantages or to turn it into advantages that can benefit the lives of people. Other than coming up with the innovations, we also let people know more about our advocacies not just in technology but also in using these things properly. We want a better future for everyone but we also desire a future with a healthy lifestyle for people.

Peterborough DNA is not just an innovative organization. We are a group of people who want the world to be a better one for those who live in it. Other than encouraging people to support science and technology in life, we also want them to be encouraged to use them in a good way. We do not just create, we advocate as well. As much as we want to continue creating more things and develop machinery, we want people to know how to use technology well. That will only happen if people would take part in our organization.